About Poli Basement & Drainage

Michael Poli, owner is a licensed structural civil engineer specializing in structural repairs and drainage improvements for residential and commercial property in Western New York. We have the capability to design solutions for structural and drainage problems and perform the work. The list of services offered is provided below.

Structural & Drainage Experts in Western New York

Poli Basement & Drainage provides residential and commercial structural, drainage and site work throughout Western New York.

Our work is specialized in the following areas:

Structural Services

  • Basement Wood Beam Replacement
  • Basement Support Column Replacement
  • Interior Basement Wall Reinforcing
  • Interior Basement Wall Crack Repair Epoxy Method
  • Basement Wall Replacement
  • Attic Structure Reinforcing

Drainage Services

  • Exterior Underground Gutter
  • Exterior Sump Pump Drainage

  • Exterior Underground Yard Drainage

  • Interior Drain Tiles and Sumps

  • Bubbler Replacement

Site Work

  • Water Line Replacement

  • Sewer Replacement

  • Concrete Sidewalk, Garage Floor Replacement

  • Asphalt Repairs and Replacement

  • Rough and Final Grading

  • Lawn Repairs

  • Small Concrete Foundations

The Right Tools for the Job

Having the right tools for the job and being organized is critical no matter what your profession. Listed below are some of the tools and equipment we use to perform our work. 

  • Enclosed Equipment Trailer With All Applicable Hand Tools
  • Concrete Jack Hammers
  • Concrete Cutting Machines
  • Cat Mini Excavator 7,500 lbs
  • Komatsu Excavator 160 - 35,000 lbs
  • Cat Skid Steer
  • 2 Ton Dump Truck
  • 10 Ton Dump Truck
  • 20 Ton Tri-Axel Dump Truck
  • Equipment Trailers
  • Pick Up Truck
  • Earth Compaction Machines
  • 2.5 Ton Asphalt Vibratory Roller
  • Self Propelled Paving Machine
  • Laser Transit

Our Basement & Drainage Team

Michael J. Poli, P.E. Principal

Qualifications of the owner of Poli Basement & Drainage